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Exciting News: Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Demo

Gear up, Final Fantasy fans! Square Enix has just dropped a bombshell announcement during the latest Final Fantasy VII Rebirth State of Play: a demo for the highly anticipated sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, is hitting the PlayStation Store today.

This demo grants players the chance to step into the shoes of iconic characters Cloud and Sephiroth, allowing them to experience a snippet from the early stages of the game, along with other tantalizing content.

But that's not all. Square Enix isn't content with just whetting our appetites. They've also teased an upcoming update set to drop later this month. This update will grant players access to explore a portion of the Junon region, offering a taste of what's to come before the full game's release on February 29th.

This move by Square Enix isn't exactly shocking, considering they previously released a demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake, building anticipation before its official launch. In fact, the demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth was even inadvertently leaked on the PlayStation Store prior to today's big reveal.

During the State of Play event, viewers were treated to a generous 11-minute gameplay showcase, unveiling tantalizing details about the map, exploration mechanics, thrilling minigames, and much more.

For those unaware, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second installment in a planned trilogy of games, aiming to recreate the magic of Square Enix's beloved 1997 JRPG, Final Fantasy VII. The first part, Final Fantasy VII Remake, made its debut in 2020 on the PS4 before receiving ports to the PS5 and PC.

So, mark your calendars, summon your Materia, and get ready to embark on a nostalgic journey reimagined for a new generation. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is almost here, and with this demo, the countdown to its release just got a whole lot more exciting!

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